About me

I like to blend different cultures and styles. While traveling I would write down or record anything I experienced. Later I would translate that into my music. Sometimes in lyrics & melodies and sometimes into productions. My marks are mostly found in the Pop, R&B, Hiphop and (Turkish) Top 40 Dance scene.

Finding new ways to reinvent the wheel is a challenge I take with every song I make. Telling my stories and experiences through a blend of tight and funky basslines, raw beats, ambient soundscapes, tender piano pieces, sweet and/or raw vocals, analog synths and organic sounds. Everything I come across inspires me to adventurously expand my musical palette. I tend to create my own sounds or recreate them in my own way with a lot of effects.

Persistence and being disciplined, that’s how you accomplish anything you want. Nothing is impossible. Being original nowadays is not easy but I define myself by always pushing the limits: my own and the limits of the music genres I work in.

I have had the opportunity to work with many pop stars like Isin Karaca, a well known Turkish singer and Mert Ali Içelli, a well known songwriter, producer and singer from Turkey. Besides that, I worked with artists like Zanillya Farrell (daughter of legend Bobby Farrell from Bony M), Jacob Grey and Evi De Schurk.

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